Recently, the official Weibo of Xiaomi TV announced the new high-end products of the Xiaomi TV Master Series, and will meet at 2 pm on July 2 for live testing. We mentioned in a previous post that there are four characteristic eggs hidden in the poster. This new product of Xiaomi TV Master Series supports OLED, 120Hz, Gaming, Dolby Atmos and so on.

Gaming feature of Xiaomi TV OLED Master TV series

This morning, Xiaomi TV officially announced the heavyweight feature of the Master Series: Gaming, which is an ultra-high-end TV and a high-energy equipment for gamers. Xiaomi TV Master Series is coming for the next generation of game consoles.

Four important features of the Xiaomi TV master series

In addition, Xiaomi TV also introduces the important features of the master series through four poster pictures. It has a different design to wake up the living room aesthetics; hardware and software are jointly blessed and equipped with MediaTek chips; the 3D panoramic sound field allows you to hear the space and track of the sound; Understand the depth experience without filters.

Xiaomi TV OLED Master series is equipped with MediaTek

The partner of Xiaomi Industrial Investment Department said on Weibo that the “Super Master” series of the first ultra-high-end product of Xiaomi TV is equipped with an OLED screen for the first time, plus various top-end hardware and software technologies. The cost of a 65-inch OLED screen is almost five times that of an LCD, so the price is generally more than 20,000. It is estimated that the master is another TV with a price of 19,999 yuan from Xiaomi. I guess the estimate below 15,999 yuan is disappointing.

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