Xiaomi Youpin has launched the Jenner XS series intelligent lifting toilets, priced at 4,699 yuan.

This product has a patented intelligent lifting technology independently developed by Jazz, which can be adjusted to the most comfortable height for users according to different heights of users. The height between the ground and the seat ring can be adjusted from 345-445mm. The limitation of the height of the existing toilet is not adjustable. Even children with a height of around 90cm can use the toilet without extra pads, and adults can easily use the 35° squat toilet.

Jenner XS series intelligent lifting toilets,

At the same time, Jenner can lift up and down the fully automatic clamshell integrated smart toilet to support the intelligent soft-washing technology, using the foaming water outlet method, the water is delicate and gentle.

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This product also has an automatic clamshell function, which automatically starts the clamshell turning circle when someone approaches, without bending over or lifting the lid, and closing the lid after leaving the automatic toilet. When the microwave induction function is turned off, the flip function can also be realized through the foot touch; if the microwave induction function is turned on, the foot contact function can easily control the opening of the seat ring independently to avoid seat ring pollution.

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