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You Can Now Lock Whatsapp with Fingerprint; See how

Whatsapp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. It’s used by over 1 billion people on earth.

WhatsApp recently added a new privacy settings to the application that allows users to lock the application with their fingerprints but this is only relevant to people using smartphones with fingerprint sensor.

This feature was first lauched for only iOS users and now it has been officially launched for Android users as well with the Android beta version 2.19.221.

With this new feature, you can longer get worried when you give your phone to a friend especially the inquisitive ones because only the fingerprint registered on the phone would be required to open your WhatsApp chat and without that, it’s impossible to open the WhatsApp application. No password or pin just fingerprint.

To enable the fingerprint lock feature;

Step 1 – Update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

Step 2 – Click on the three dots (In the upper right side).

Step 3 – Select Account and then Privacy.

Step 4 – Scroll down to Fingerprint option, Click it.

Step 5 – Verify your Fingerprint and set up the automatic lock time.

  • Immediately
  • After 1 minute
  • After 30 minutes
It’s up to you to decide which suits you.

Other updates

– New privacy settings allow you to control who can add you to groups. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups to get started.

– Added call waiting support so you can choose to accept an incoming WhatsApp call while you’re already on another call.

– Fixed an issue which caused fast battery drain on some devices.

We still expect new and exciting updates from WhatsApp.

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