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How to check Airtel Number

Not everyone who owns a smartphone and a SIM card know their Airtel phone number. So if you have forgotten your Airtel number or you want to check your Airtel number, you just arrive at the right place.

Before we proceed, it’s worth noting that only Airtel numbers start with the prefix 0802, 0808, 0701, 0708, 0907, 0902 and it’s always an 11-digit number.

There are several methods to check your Airtel number, including checking the SIM card pack, after all, that’s where most people get to know their phone numbers for the first time.

Although, cases may arise sometimes when you’re not with the SIM pack, and that’s why there are other methods to check your Airtel number which I will be explaining to you in subsequent paragraphs.

How to check Airtel number

To check your Airtel number using USSD code;

  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Dial *121#
  3. Enter 3 for “account info”
  4. Select 4 to see your Airtel number.
How to check Airtel number

Better still, you can simply dial the code to check your Airtel number which is *121*3*4# on your phone, immediately, a screen prompt will pop-up with your phone number displayed on the screen.

The USSD code method works just fine and it’s free of charge, you don’t need to have airtime on your SIM card to check your Airtel number.

How to check Airtel number by calling another number

Like I said in my other post about how to check your phone number on GLO, if you remembered this method, you wouldn’t have been here right now.

This method works when you’re not alone or when you’re with two phones (one with your Airtel SIM card inserted and another that you can call or text).

All you have to do to check your Airtel number using this method is just to call/beep the other number or text the other number, then copy your phone number from the other phone.

Call Airtel Customer Care

If you have tried all the above methods and non seems to be satisfactory, you can simply call or chat with the Airtel customer care on WhatsApp.

Dial 111 or 121 to speak to an Airtel customer care representative, then request for your phone number and it will be provided to you.


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