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How to delete all Facebook friends at once

If you want to clean up on Facebook and start adding your friends (or at least those you care about) you don’t need to delete your profile. You can start from scratch and delete all friends – or a good part of them – and keep your profile with the posts and photos you’ve already published. Certainly, deleting one by one takes time, but you can use a Chrome plugin and do it in a few clicks.

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According to Facebook, there are an unlimited amount of people who follow you, but you can follow up to 5,000 people. This is also the total limit of friends you can have: up to 5,000 friends in your account. If you have already lost control of your profile and want to do a clean, excluding people you have a relationship with, see the tip.

How to delete all Facebook friends

The plugin to exclude several people at the same time is the same one used to leave all Facebook groups with a few clicks. Go to the Chrome store and download the “Toolkit For FB by PlugEx”. Some features of the extension are premium (paid), but the function to exclude people in bulk is free. See how it works in step by step to unfriend all facebook friends.

How to unfriend facebook friends
  1. Download and install the “Toolkit For FB by PlugEx” ;
  2. You need to have your Facebook login active, access the social network;
  3. Click on the plugin icon at the top of the browser;
  4. Scroll through the window that opens until you find “Removal Tolls” ;
  5. Click on “Unfriend Multiple Facebook Friends” ;
  6. Select the people you want to exclude by activating the “on-off” switch;
  7. Or select the “Select All Friends” option to select all;
  8. Click the “Start Removing Friends” button below.
Removing friends on Facebook

The plugin developer asks to use the tool “with some care”. According to him, “there is a limit to the number of requests you can send to Facebook API servers”. Therefore, avoid placing too many orders in a row.

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