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How to turn the Taskbar on and off Among Us

The taskbar shows the progress of the missions in Among Us. It can always be visible, only in encounters or invisible

The room creator in Among Us can change the match settings and customize options such as voting time and discussion. In the same menu, the task progress bar can also be customized—you can always make it visible, visible only during encounters, or always hidden. This choice can make a difference and change the dynamics of the game. Learn how to turn the Taskbar from Among Us on and off.

How to choose whether the taskbar will be visible or invisible in Among Us

Follow the steps below to turn the taskbar on and off in Among Us. It is worth remembering that only the host of the room can mess with these settings. The instructions are the same in the mobile version, for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), and in the desktop version.

  1. Open Among Us and create your own room;
  2. Go to the notebook in the waiting room;
  3. Tap “Customize” on the lower right side;
  4. Tap the “Match” tab;
  5. Scroll the options screen until you reach “Taskbar updates”;
  6. Tap the “+” or “-” to select the desired visibility: • “Always”, if you want the bar to always appear; • “Never” if you want it to be invisible; • “Meetings”, so that it appears only in meetings.
Turn taskbar on and off in Among Us

What is the taskbar for?

The taskbar shows the progress of team member tasks. Usually it’s always on, but you can change that.

From a crewmate’s point of view, the visible bar can help identify whether a player is fulfilling missions or just pretending —if they’re faking, it’s probably an impostor. When it is disabled, it is not possible to identify whether progress has been made and if the person has actually done the task, unless it is a visual task.

In addition, the taskbar also serves as an estimate of how much time remains in the game. For impostors, can it be a risk indicator —for example, is it worth taking a risky attitude or still lacking a lot of playing time?

The bar activated only during encounters can still adjust in the time estimate, but in a less accurate way.

Source: Sportskeeda.

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