Home Gaming What are they and how to fulfill among Us missions?

What are they and how to fulfill among Us missions?

Among Us is one of the most successful multiplayer games in 2020. In it, the crew of a special ship must perform various tasks to keep the ship running, while trying to figure out who among them is the impostor with the mission to sabotage everything and kill everyone. Learn what they are and how to fulfill Among Us’ tasks and increase your chances of victory as a crew member.

How tasks work in Among Us

How tasks work in Among Us

All crew members in a Among Us match must perform certain tasks, randomly distributed, to keep the ship (or base) running. They are several types of simple mini-games ranging from repeating a particular action to pushing a button.

The impostor can pretend he’s doing a job to trick the crew. However, there is a special type of task that the imtor cannot disguise: Visual Tasks. They have some kind of visual indication that they are being performed, visible by those around (and not just by the crew member who is doing it).

The tasks are located in the various rooms of the map, such as Administration, Cafeteria, Communication, etc. Completing certain tasks fills the crew progress bar. Completing the bar results in victory of the crew. Players killed by the impostor must also complete their tasks in their “ghost” version.

They are divided into three types: Common, Short, and Long. The difference between short and long tasks is in the time and number of steps required to complete them. The common tasks are those that all crew members must do. Some tasks are unique to certain maps.

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